How this all started

Here I am. 

It has been 3 years now that the shadow of my failed medical career still weighs on my daily perspectives. Of course, I have dealt with failure before. This one was amazingly bitter. After years of hard-work, I had my dream available at the tips of my fingers. And it seems that I am loosing energy now. A quite absurd thing to say at 23 years old. But I am realistic. It was entirely my fault. 

It would be a hypocrite thing to blame on anyone. Just like my acceptance was due to my sacrifices, my expulsion was related to a lack of work. 

I tried to move on several times. Physical therapy or pharmacy. Or was it entrepreneurship or global health. I can’t remember the number of times I recreated my career. How many times I rethought of my life. Only to go back to the original premiss of my soon-to-b ended past career ; make a difference. I don’t want to make a difference because I have an entirely compassionate heart. I am not the sacrifice that will change anything on this Earth. Rather, I want to make a difference because I will die soon. Like all of us.

Out of the 40 years I have to live, 10 years will be spent sleeping. Moreover, 3 years will be spent travelling allowing me to spend 6 years being entertained while watching movies or reading. Now what’s left ? About 20 years. 

If you had 20 years to live, what would you do ?

You could spend them as a marketer helping companies brand themselves better. It isn’t less noble, since investors can benefit from this work, allowing them to have an extra-revenue. They could spend this money to enjoy their life better, with their wives and kids.

You could invest in real estate and benefit from the low-interest rates to create an empire. That empire could be a heritage for your family. From there, you could move on to create a foundation that could finance amazing initiatives. 

The problem I see with these avenues, is that they are all long roads to accessing the daily life of a doctor. How ? The final aim of any person is to contribute to society and help the others. Believe it or not, even the hardest capitalist investor dreams of being wealthy enough to give back one day. 

Why giving back ? Because no feeling is as compelling as the one related to the satisfaction of making a difference in someone’s life. Because bridging bonds between human beings is the fundamental aspect that distinguishes humans from animals.

So here I am again. Still dreaming of an ended career. Is there a time to move on ?